Fading into the Limelight – Divya Cherian

The January edition of ‘Mystian of the Month’ calls for an unsung hero - someone who preferred to remain out of the limelight.

This month, we decided to go the Sales route. In an obscure corner of the office, and under the shade of a pillar sits Divya Cherian, in all her grace. When news reached her that she will be featured as the ‘Mystian of the Month’, her joy knew no bounds. An emotional Divya expresses her gratitude for this recognition.

Soon after graduation, Divya followed her mother’s footsteps to venture into the travel sector. Her passion to interact with people led her to make this decision. After completing her Travel and Tourism Management course, she bagged a dream job at Cox & Kings, Bangalore. From then, her life took a turn for the better. She got the opportunity to travel the world and gain exposure in the travel industry. After her stint in the US, she decided to move back to Bangalore.

“Moving into Mystifly was the best thing that happened to me”, gleams Divya. Back in June 2015, she joined the Account Management team and worked with them for close to two years. Joseph Boswell, VP - Sales recognized her sales ability and offered her a position in the Sales team. On April 2017, Divya officially joined ‘The Hounds in the Pound’ – Sales Team. “It was a welcome opportunity”, recollects Divya. She finds joy in interacting with clients. Helping them and being there for them a call away gives her a sense of satisfaction. Divya speaks very highly of her fun-loving team. "Every morning, I look forward to walking into the office, meeting my colleagues and speaking to clients", she adds.

What drives her? Her passion to talk and interact with people. She was recently awarded the 'Aviator' title for being among the top performers in the company. A positive mind-set, strong determination, and a light heart is the key to Divya’s success. Her sales mantra is ‘Customer is King’. She breaks into a smile when she recalls about how one of the administration staff gifted her a calendar with the phrase ‘Customer is King’ printed in bold. "Joining the sales team was my highlight moment at Mystifly", she says. Joseph’s words, "Divya, you can do it" still rings in her ear to this day and motivates her to perform to her fullest.

With good times come challenges too. Having been in the travel trade for two decades now, hard times fail to flutter Divya. What was your toughest moment at Mystifly? She replies, "If you see challenges as challenges, they will always remain challenges; but if you see them as an opportunity, you can pick yourself up and move forward". She credits her team and the fantastic manager Joseph for her career growth at Mystifly.

Divya draws inspiration from her teenage son. Her son’s "Mumma don’t worry, I’m fine", comforts her after a hectic day at work. She owes everything to her ever-supporting mother for mentoring her and her son for being the driving force in her life. “I live one day at a time; be happy and follow your heart’s desire. I’m still learning every day and I’m grateful to the Almighty Lord for showering me with his abundant blessings,” closes Divya.

Your passion, grit and cheer are an inspiration to many Divya. Mystifly wishes you all the success ahead.



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