Featured Mystian - Tarun Sangishetty

An IITian brought up in Hyderabad whose passion for knowledge never ends and takes satisfaction in sharing his knowledge and put his wisdom to the best use possible. Our Mystian of the Month, Tarun Sangishetty is a math enthusiast and data analyst by profession. His leisure pursuit has always been solving mathematic problems as he is very passionate about it. Tarun’s work usually comprises of analyzing revenue data, extract the valuable information and give inputs to department heads to develop new strategies to achieve revenue maximization.

Being exposed to a balanced curriculum at school and college, he has always been active in sports until the completion of his engineering at IIT, Guwahati. During his post-graduation at IIM, Bodhgaya, Tarun mostly concentrated on the subjects which were of interest to him and challenged him.

After completing his post-graduation, he started his first professional stint at Wonderla Holidays Ltd. as Management Trainee. Despite his satisfying career at Wonderla, Tarun was in search of the challenging job role in data analysis which lead him to Mystifly. He took the opportunity and cracked the interview to become the first person to join Mystifly as Revenue Analyst.

With a new environment and a new set of responsibilities, Tarun enjoyed the challenges which kept him intrigued as well as grow professionally. “My initial days at Mystifly were full of challenges, learning and experimenting. Also, from the revenue management context, a high level of inter-department coordination was crucial for achieving optimal revenue results. I loved my work; therefore, challenges were never a stumbling block for me. I must thank my mentor Pawan, CFO  for the support and guidance he gave me during these days. Pawan helped me in having a different outlook on the aspects of revenue and guided me to achieve objectives of my role” says humble Tarun.

As time went by, his job role demanded more and more skills. Paying importance to details of data has lead Tarun to learn new technologies and advanced revenue management practices for better analysis of data. He values his Business Intelligence team for constant support and guidance for this.

The quote he lives by is “Be independent and be hungry to learn more and more every day”. Having someone to look up to drives him to achieve rewarding goals in life. His suggestion to people who aspire to become a Revenue Analyst is to have an eagerness to learn, understand and have a sincere approach towards problem-solving.

Who has been your greatest inspiration? Tarun considers his peers as the most inspirational role models in his life as they nurtured him in every step of his career. When asked about Tarun’s future plans – “On the professional front I would like to clear all the data sanity related issues to provide the most accurate results to employees to interpret the data efficiently” he closes.

Tarun, Your passion and dedication towards work are an inspiration to all the Mystians. Hope you reach many milestones in the years to come.