Meet Clifford Fernando – He’s a Workaholic

A God-fearing, Bangalore bred lad, Clifford is a straightforward, shrewd, and decisive gentleman. As punctual as a clock, he sits in the conference room gazing at his laptop, responding to work emails, as we sit beside him to pen down his journey at Mystifly.

Through this journey, Clifford goes on to express a multitude of emotions, reveals explicit information and of course, shares memories that he has made during his five years at Mystifly. Sit back and read on as we tell you the story of our Mystian of the Month - Clifford Fernando.            

Clifford kick-started his corporate career in the early days of 2001. He was always destined to be a part of the Mystifly family. Back in 2010, at Mystifly’s first office in Malleshwaram, the CEO Rajeev Kumar interviewed him for the Operations Manager position, which he managed to bag in his first attempt. A little apprehensive, Clifford decided not to take up the offer at that point in time. Two years down the line, in the hunt of bigger challenges, Clifford browsed through his old mails, gathered Rajeev’s contact number, and rang him up for a job at Mystifly.  

Then began his journey with Mystifly and there was no looking back. Being not just a ticket fulfilment organisation but also a technology firm, Mystifly gave him the opportunity to explore new horizons. “The initial days were a bit subtle. It was all a new meadow to me”, claims Clifford. However, challenges were never a hindrance for him; he took them in his stride and confidently boarded the Mystifly aircraft.   

Having been in the organization for more than five years, Clifford has closely worked with the Leadership Team. He draws inspiration from the COO Preetham Narayan, who is always calm and composed in every situation. “Preetham never gets fazed by anything. As a leader, he has been phenomenally good”, says Clifford with a genuine smile on his face. He goes on to say that Preetham perfectly fits in the famous Benjamin Parker quote “With great powers come great responsibility”. He recalls how Preetham had asked him to change his aggressive leadership style in his early days and imbibe a more affirmative role so that it would adhere well with the work culture at Mystifly. He admires the flat hierarchy system at Mystifly, “You will rarely see the leadership team snub an idea you bring to the table, they are always warm and welcoming”, adds Clifford. 

A day in the life of Clifford? “I like to keep my day completely engaged; it is often super hectic. I prefer to optimise every minute to its maximum”, adds a busy Clifford who still manages to catch up with work as we continue to sit beside him, taking notes of his journey. Being the health freak that he is, Clifford ensures that he makes time to indulge in a game of Badminton or Chess at least 3-4 times a week. He goes on to challenge anybody reading this blog to take him on for a game of Badminton. If you’re that opponent he’s looking for, get commenting below!      

It’s been a roller coaster ride for Clifford at Mystifly. He is proud to have seen the organization scale from as little as grossing a few tens of tickets a day to over a hundred times growth. “Being a part of this 100x growth at Mystifly gives me immense joy”, says a gleaming Clifford. He also gives a special mention to his peers for supporting him on different occasions and helping him sail through all these years. “They’re doing a wonderful job and no amount of words can express my appreciation for their hard work and dedication. The confidence and zeal in each team member have always kept us afloat on clear waters amidst various hurdles and challenges”, mentions a proud Clifford.   

“My greatest support has been my sister Jennifer Fernando. A friend, guide and mentor, she’s been my all in all support”, adds Clifford. He cannot thank her enough for her constant support during his highs and lows in life. Work-life balance has always been a challenging factor for Clifford. He credits his loving wife for running the family during his hardships and his champion nine-year-old son Carlin for motivating him to push harder to steer through difficult times. He also shares his gratitude to his mother for moulding him into the person that he is today. “I love my family a lot; I owe everything I am today completely to them”, adds an emotional Clifford.   

“My life has seen different tides, high and low with a sail through still waters too. It has never been a cakewalk for me and I take pride in what I am and where I am today. I wish to thank God, my family and well-wishers for the immense support rendered to me”, closes Clifford.  

May you continue to make us proud, Clifford. You were, you are, and you will be the Mystian that we will always look upto! 



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