Mystifly's Finance Wizard - Athishaya N

A Karnataka bred ‘huduga’ from the Halagur district of Mandya, Athishaya is every mother’s dream son.  He completed his higher secondary education from Sir M Visvesvaraya’s birthplace in Muddenahalli and did his B. Com (Honours) from the renowned Sathya Sai University in Bangalore. Being the grandson of an elite person in the society, education was considered the most powerful weapon in his family. “It was my childhood dream and ambition to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) someday, somehow.  But as a backup, I wrote my MBA exam in which I was ranked 184th in the state. It was a bittersweet moment for me,” claimed Athishaya.  

Not one to miss out on an opportunity, Athishaya decided to honour his parents’ desire and pursued his MBA in Finance from the MP Birla Institute of Management. After multiple rounds of tests and interviews, he bagged a prestigious government job at Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) out of 1000 other applicants. A state topper, MBA degree holder and a public sector employee, everybody envisaged his life as one that was seen through rose-coloured glasses. However, Athishaya had other plans.  

“The easy-going and undemanding public sector job did not keep me content. It wasn’t fulfilling my dreams and aspirations and I saw no scope to excel there," explained Athishaya. He decided to make a move. Risking a public sector job for a private company was a huge risk. “If I left, I could never go back there. But I was hell-bent on following my heart’s desire”. On the lookout for a core job in the Finance sector that would offer him a hands-on experience on everything Finance-related, Mystifly seemed like the perfect fit. In June 2012, Athishaya onboarded Mystifly as a Finance Manager. 

It was a great embarkation point in his life. “I was looking after everything, starting from compliance and receivables to payables and much more,” boasts a proud Athishaya. This holistic learning experience met all his requirements for an ideal career in Finance. “Growing from a small Finance Team of five to 20, Mystifly has taught me a lot. From transaction related, financial closures to treasury exposure and banking, I gained a lot in my last six years at Mystifly,” gleams Athishaya.  

During his earlier tenure, Athishaya used to lead a team comprising many elderly people, some even equivalent to his father’s age. But at Mystifly, he was glad to lead a team full of young, enthusiastic souls who matched his ideas and aspirations.  As the Head of the Payables and Treasury team at Mystifly, he showers praise on his efficient teammates. “I have a very motivated and self-driven team, that has the potential to work wonders with their undertakings. I don’t need to imbibe a sense of responsibility in them, they know their expertise and they ace through their daily challenges. It’s all I could have asked for," states a visibly content Athishaya. 

What was his highlight moment at Mystifly? “I was a part of the Mystifly family when Mystifly got its first round of investment. I felt a sense of achievement when I saw the transaction happen in front of my eyes," smiles Athishaya. The most challenging moment at Mystifly - “when we migrated to a new accounting package, there were many hurdles thrown at us. We had to spend long hours burning the midnight oil to ensure smooth transition. But eventually we endured and managed to steer the ship successfully”. 

 He owes many for his growth here at Mystifly. “Rajeev has been a huge source of inspiration for me. His passion, commitment and ‘never fear’ attitude has taken the company to great heights. If I ever leave the company, I will definitely take a leaf out of his book. My gratitude also goes to my superiors - the then VP of Finance, Ram Babu as well as the present Head of Finance, Pawan. Their treasure chest of knowledge and experience has added value to my professional and personal life.” 

Athishaya’s family has been his biggest support system. His grandfather whom he fondly calls ‘Appaji’ has been the catalyst to his career growth. Coming from a business background, nobody did a 9 to 5 job in the family, they were all self-employed. But his grandfather supported his vision and encouraged him all along the way. “He is more than my father and mother to me. Being his first grandson, he was the one who brought me up and backed me to become who I am today. My wife and my baby daughter are the two most precious pearls of my life. I thrive to spend quality time with my daughter. The way she grows, the first time she walks, the first time she talks, these are important landmarks in my life, and I live to cherish these memories,” gleams Athishaya. 

What does the future look like? “The future looks bright at Mystifly. We’re poised at a very good position. With the kind of management and leaders driving the company, I don’t see any reason why we cannot flourish to become the most sought-after organization in the travel domain,” he closes.  

Athishaya is a living example that if you follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never give up, you will find the stairway to success. May your story inspire many others to follow their heart and pursue the life that they’ve always dreamt of.