Small Town to Big League: The Story of Sathesh

A young aspiring IT Engineer, from a small town in Tamil Nadu, who graduated from Paavai Engineering College, Anna University and is prowling for a job. Sounds like a clichéd South Indian Movie introduction?

Well, meet the hero of our movie and Mystian of the Month, Sathesh Kumar PR, Principal Development Lead – Technology Team.

We caught up with our hero and here goes his life story.

Roll back to 2007, Sathesh was working as a Hardware Engineer at a software firm earning a meagre INR 2,500/- salary a month. He saved all his income to learn .NET and excelled at it, to the extent that he became a .NET trainer at the same institute. However, lack of exposure and opportunity lead him to fervently apply for jobs on several job portals.  One fine day, he received a call from Mystifly and that gave birth to his long career at The World’s Leading Airline Consolidator.

Sathesh still recalls his interview. A small-town innocent person, shy and timid - he had zero hopes of bagging the job. Preetham, his interviewer and Mystifly’s CTO asked the anxious lad to return home and arranged for a telephonic interview instead of the planned face-to-face interview. Gathering all his courage, Sathesh cracked the interview to land the dream job - Software Engineer, in the IT Capital - Bangalore. Sitting in a 900 sqft, single room office in Malleshwaram, he had no idea how his career would pan out. But Rajeev (the CEO) and Preetham had a fixed plan in mind and Sathesh entrusted his career in their hands. ”Preetham and I took care of everything, right from Product Development, Networking to System Maintenance”, boasts Sathesh. He takes pride in having written the first line of code for ‘Postmaster’, his first live project. He recollects how the five member technology team would work for 13 hours a day and yet manage to have fun.  

2010 saw a transition in office space. Mystifly moved to the heart of Bangalore, Kasturba Road.  ‘’It was there that I actually realised what I was doing at Mystifly’’, jokes Sathesh. The tech team worked tirelessly, spending sleepless nights for three months. Finally, ‘MyFareBox’ went live on January, 2011, but not without challenges. Immediately after its launch on the production server, the first update failed to work. ‘’I panicked all night wondering how to resolve it, only to realise that it was a small glitch which we immediately fixed’’, said Sathesh. Mystifly began to expand and gradually shifted to the current office space in HBR Layout. The tech team got its own floor. The 10-member team became a 40-member team with clear segregation of QA and Database teams. Sathesh recalls how the previous CTO helped structure the team, insisting to take the bottom-up approach by focusing on new recruits and gaining insights from fresh talent.

When asked about what was his highlight moment at Mystifly, Sathesh proudly mentions the ‘Best Employee Award’ that he was bestowed with.

It’s been an eight year journey with Mystifly and Sathesh still has the enthusiasm of a five year old when it comes to work and its challenges. They say behind every successful man, there is a woman; in this case, Sathesh owes his career success to his mother. He’s forever grateful for the sacrifices of his mother and sister who took the family load off his head so that he could focus on carving a future for himself. Of course our hero ought to have a heroine, right? What started off as college romance, blossomed into a beautiful companionship. ”From becoming my girlfriend, to advisor and now, my wife, she’s my perfect better half’’, says a gleaming Sathesh. He credits her for his improved dressing sense, better communication skills and for filling the missing piece of his puzzle.

He takes inspiration from Rajeev Kumar who gave his heart and soul for the growth of Mystifly. He recalls how Rajeev would still be at work at 11 pm, while everybody else logged out, and adores his ability to singlehandedly take care of account management, sales, finance and of course his CEO duties. Having joined as a software engineer to being promoted as a senior software engineer, tech lead, project lead and now a principal development lead, Sathesh has indeed earned his way to the top.

‘’When an opportunity knocks your way, grab it with both hands and make the best of it. I’m a learner, a dreamer and I will always strive to push beyond infinite possibilities’’, says Sathesh. “My team mates add to my learning, each contributing to my growth, even my 4 year old son inspires me, the way he comprehends things at such a young age amazes me”, adds Sathesh before signing off.

May you reach many more heights Sathesh! Like Rajeev and Preetham fondly say, Mystifly is proud to have created a good product in you.



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