The Chinese Wonder ‘Kidd’ – Wang Chenjie

His high school teacher in China, as part of an assignment, asked every student in the class to come up with an English name for themselves. Born and brought up in Shanghai, he was always fascinated by English cinema and Japanese comics. Inspired by Western TV shows, he christened himself ‘Kidd’. Ever since, ‘Kidd’ latched onto him. Through thick and thin, ‘Kidd’ remained by his side.  

This wonder ‘Kidd’ from China is now making a mark in Indian territories through his resilience, toughness and most importantly his hard work. Say Ni Hao to Mystifly’s first employee from China and our Mystian of the Month – Wang Chenjie.  

A Major in Mathematics from the Shanghai Normal University, Chenjie was intrigued by the Travel Industry, so much so that he joined ASLAN Co. Ltd, China’s first data-driven travel technology company. That’s where he first met his brothers in arms Yijing and Zhangwei and the founder - Mary. Chenjie served as the Product Manager and Data Analyst for four years in ASLAN before he moved to Alitrip as an Account Manager. “In Alitrip, our team of four built the technology from scratch”, boasts a proud Chenjie. Sooner than later, he realised that the Travel Industry was his ultimate calling.  

“Mary was the leader figure of our team”, adds Chenjie. A seasoned travel technology professional with a proven track record in leadership, she was the driving force. “Mary was the one who introduced me to Mystifly. I’ve always wanted to explore the world outside China and there couldn’t have been a better opportunity than Mystifly”, gleams Chenjie. “Leaving my beautiful wife and my three-year-old son was the most painful. But when duty calls, you got to go, and they were very supportive of my move”, he mentions.  

Next thing you know, Chenjie was India bound. “My initial perception of India was just two words – hot and crowded. But after I landed here, I was in for a pleasant surprise. The beautiful weather, variety of food, hospitable people and of course access to Facebook and Twitter - India has never failed to impress me”, he adds, smiling. “I was the first employee from China to join Mystifly”, claims a proud Chenjie. Though he faced a massive culture shock in the beginning, he did not blend into the woodwork.  He hit the right note instantly with everybody in the office. “Anuran helped me a lot. He taught me the Mystifly platform, showed me around the office, and shared a few tricks of the trade too. I owe him big time”, admits Chenjie.  

“The China team at Mystifly is perfect. It was everything I asked for, and more. We hustled together to achieve the target for Double 11. It was both my best time and my most challenging time at Mystifly. We played different goals to achieve one goal and we nearly surpassed it”, boasts Chenjie. What is his stress buster? “When I’m super stressed I just talk to my team in Mandarin. It helps me cool down and refocus on work." 

Chenjie is forever grateful to those few who have supported him since the beginning. “I’m indebted to Mary for giving me an opportunity to work in a company outside China. She arranged a one-day city tour, took around me around the city and showed me the different places in India. I cannot thank her enough for everything that she has done.  My partners in crime - Yijing and Zhangwei, for their constant support and guidance and Jason my former boss in ASLAN for coming back to become my boss again. A big shout out to all these people for showering their love and support towards me", shares Chenjie.  

Who is his inspiration? “Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. If you go after somebody, you may tend to learn their weaknesses as well. I don’t look up to anybody. I like to live the moment and strive to make tomorrow better than today."  

Chenjie lives every day to the fullest. As the old Chinese saying goes, “reflect on yourself three times a day, fall down, pick yourself up, and learn to make better mistakes tomorrow”, Chenjie confronts each day with this approach. He has proved his mettle to be one of the top performers of Mystifly.  

You’re a force to be reckoned with Chenjie!  May you continue to work your magic on us and remain Mystifly’s wonder ‘Kidd’ forever.