The Lady From The Dark: Forged Through Time

Many have heard of Keerthi, but few know the resolute woman who sits at her desk engrossed in her work of building the partner network at Mystifly.  We decided to catch up with Keerthi to know her story.

“Mystifly has seen me through what can best be described as my birthing into the professional world”, says Keerthi K, Manager – Commercial Partnership and Strategy, while describing her journey at Mystifly.  

At first glance, Keerthi is what you would come to expect of a woman in leadership, a well-read individual with deep knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry with years of experience in various roles. However, once you sit down with Keerthi, you realize that there is a certain depth that sets her apart from being anything less than extraordinary.

“I will never forget the beginning”, says Keerthi. While reminiscing, she explains that although Mystifly began as a small office of no more than 500 square feet in size, the sure dedication of the people in the room, and the zest for success propelled each one towards excellence.  “There were times when we would spend sixteen hours a day working with just one break to eat”, she recalls with a smile. The commitment and dedication that each person invested into the growth of the company inspires a sense of awe while listening as Keerthi describes her journey; the bond that was forged is also one that spills overs in every sentence. “We have seen each other through the tough times”, says explains. She also adds that it was those difficult times that formed an unbreakable bond that encouraged them to move forward with confidence and no second thought.

The road wasn’t an easy one, but the learning curves and exposures made her the person that she is today. “I love what I do”, says Keerthi, while describing her current role. She enjoys her business visits to interact with partners, with whom she once communicated only via phone and email. She humbly adds, “I do not believe that I know everything that there is to knowing, I am still a learner.  I learn everyday through people, if there is a quality that I appreciate in someone; I learn to adopt that quality”.

It’s no easy feat for a woman to balance her professional life with her personal, yet, Keerthi manages to not only work her way up the ladder on the professional front, but also grow her family. How does she do it? “It’s all about getting your priorities right”, she explains, “ I value my family, but I also value the effort that I have put into my profession, it’s all about knowing what to prioritize and when”. Ask her what is her favourite thing to do when she gets home and she laughs, “ I love dancing with my son”, she beams and goes on to explain that they love grooving to Shakira’s “wakka wakka”.

Keerthi draws her inspiration from her mother who single-handedly raised six children. “There have been dark days, but those days have helped me become what I am”, she reflects.  Finally, when asked about her plans for the future, she signs off, “I am no quitter! I have set a target for myself for the next two years, I will achieve it”.  

Mystifly is proud to have associated with you Keerthi. May your tribe increase!




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